Week 8 – Some lessons I learned…

Week 8 – Some lessons I learned…

The last couple of days have been interesting. I went back to The Netherlands to visit family and friends, and I was part of a surpisingly fun Generation Games.

And a new vlog, finally!

Time flies. Not only when you are having fun. Days move so fast here that I’m already at 50% of my time in Norway in a week. Unbelievable. Let’s have a look what happend in two weeks and what I’m up to now.

Generation Games

I have been writing about the generation a lot the past weeks, and now it’s finally done. This event has been a very learnfull experience for me and I can look back on it with a happy feeling. The day itself began very stressful for everybody. The vehicle that we rent to transport goods all over the city center got stuck in the very first minute that my group drove in it. Literally: They did not even manage to get off the terrain.

This resulted in lots of improvisation, which was actually quite fun. A Dutch student had a car available for us, so I hopped in and together we drove around to pick up stuff for all the groups that day. Lesson I learned: Always analyse risks when it comes to events, and make sure you have a plan in case of issues like this. The day itself was great and I enjoyed myself. I was reminded how much I love events once again. Even though it was stressful and exhausting, it was also fun, educational and challenging. Tomorrow (Monday 7/10) we will give each other feedback on the event. I am looking forward to hearing everybodies experiences.

Back to The Netherlands

I want back to The Netherlands a couple of days, because flying is (for some weird reason) very cheap. It was very nice to see friends and family again, but it also gave me some insights in my own country.

Full. That’s the word that comes to mind when I think of The Netherlands now. Of course I have always known this, but in another way. In Norway, everything it wide open. People are spread across the country, except from a few crowded cities like Oslo, Bergen and Kristiansand. Because there is enough space for everybody, people are calm. Relaxed. Mind their own business, but also interact in a very friendly and open way when approached correctly. This is what I truly miss in The Netherlands. It’s just way too full of people with different opinions, different backgrounds. There is simply no space for that many people in one country with that size! Back home, people are stressed. Get angry over traffic lights, the weather, sports and work. And I mean truly angry. Anger that is fueled from deep within, uncontrollable and yet so close to the soul. It’s not the usual “I feel a bit angry” or “Leave me be, I am a bit mad”. No, people really do get angry over traffic back home. I strongly believe that the reason for that, is a long time of build up anger, and there is no easy way to get truly rid of it.

It’s so hard to get away from the famous “it all” back home. Of course, there are gyms, places that are not so crowded, nature to walk through without seeing anyone for a while. But truly escaping your everydays life? No, that simply not possible. Only when you choose to disconnect yourself from society for a couple of days, like visiting a monastary or walking a few days up North. Here in Norway, it’s much easier to take a break. Just walk outside and your much needed break is there! This is what I maybe like the most, because my head is always full. Full of thoughts, opinions, information. But also full of music, experiences I had in games or bad folds I made at the online poker table. I just need a ‘reset moment’ every day, and here in Norway, that reset moment is only one minute away.

Now that I have been back, I know what I value here. I also know what I dislike back home. It’s good to put things in perspective that way. There is no real right or wrong here, it’s just a matter of opinion and experience.

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