Week 7 – Generation Games and home

Week 7 – Generation Games and home

Seven weeks already have gone by… Time is moving very fast here. It’s actually moving so fast, that I almost forgot that I will fly back to The Netherlands next weekend for a short visit to family and friends. Since I will not be home for Christmas (actually the first time in my life I’m not with my family for Christmas) I wanted to get some extra time home.

This week will be all about the Generation Games. This is the event that we are organizing with the Event Management students and I am really looking forward to it. I was invited by my teacher for a short talk last week and I didn’t really know what to expect. It turned out that he thought I was capable enough to become the financial manager for the event as well! Of course this sounds very fancy but it’s just me, collecting invoices and keeping track of expenses. Nonetheless I really like doing it and I really like to keep everything structured.

So far, it’s working quite well for everybody. There are 6 more days left until the event starts and I think we are on track to make it a success!

I spoke to the local and regional newspapers as well last monday and it got me thinking after a little talk I had with the person who organizes the Birken event in Norway. Birken is a huge Crosscountry skiing / running / cycling event that takes place in the Lillehammer area. This man said to me that it would be awesome if I could help with the event next year. This made me realize how much I love organizing events and how little limits there actually are. I am looking forward to exploring my possibilities in events for years to come!

I did another great cycling ride this week and here are the pictures I managed to take. This time I rode up North to do a climb I had seen on Strava. It resulted in me doing another climb as well that was way more challenging than I had expected. This climb to “Hafjelltoppen” was 10,3 KM long and averaged 7%. A very nice climb that I will surely do again if I can!

Home sweet home…

So I am almost moving back to The Netherlands for a short visit! From the 27th of September to the 6th of October, I have no lessons at university and I decided to fly back for a few days. I think it’s very nice to spend some time with family and friends before winter starts here. Lucky for me, our weird society has made flying very cheap, so I can travel wherever I want for relatively little.

This also means that there will be no blog next week, since I will already be home then! Keep an eye out for a blog on the 6th of October, and for another vlog soon as well!

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