Week 6 – Cycling and Event Management

Week 6 – Cycling and Event Management

After another week with just two lessons, I am looking forward to some challenges again. This week was one of sports and the fact that Event Management actually became fun. Yay!

So I found out that Event Management can be fun. What do I know?! I was put in the logistics group for the upcoming Generation Games event we are working on, and I am team leader in that group as well. We are already faced with interesting dillemas and challenging projects. Our task will mostly be “Deliver a bunch of goods to a lot of places in the city”. This is actually quite hard, and it requires good planning and structure to make it a success. Lucky for everybody, I am a structural junk, so it shouldn’t really be a problem.

All jokes aside, I am looking forward to work with my team on an actual project that is looking fun and challenging. I am also reminded that I really, really love Event Management and that it’s something I surely want to keep doing after my studies as well. Though the Event Management lectures stay very boring, this is a nice change. My final exam will be about the Generation Games as well, so that should be fun!

Fool your fear

This week I did a lot of running to improve my times on the 1, 2, 4 and 5 KM. I am feeling that I am developing a nice ‘fitness baseline’ here and I am pretty proud of it! If feels good to be active outside and see other people be active as well. I Lillehammer, a lot of people are doing sports every day, mostly running and roller skiing. The latter is interesting and a LOT of people practice it here in Lillehammer. It’s basically skiing, but without snow. Of course they are training for when winter comes, which will not be very long from now!

I also went to a new place to cycle today. I had not been across the lake until now and I was afraid to go there, because of the steep roads I saw already. I threw my fear out of the window and of course just took my bike to explore! The first climb I faced was very challenging, averaging 8.1% for just under 6 KM. After this, it was a beautiful ride down to some small villages and back to Lillehammer. Glad I fooled my fear and went for it!

What I like and don’t like about cycling in Norway:

– Beautiful nature
– Quiet roads with very little traffic
– Challenging climbs
– Easy road signs and points to bike to

– Bad roads with a lot of holes and gravel

In the last couple of weeks, I had to turn around a lot because I drove on a road that was perfectly fine one minute, and a complete disaster a minute later. There are a lot of roads that turn in to gravel roads after a while, which is annoying. Nonetheless, I love cycling here and it’s a complete new experience for me!

So that’s it for this easy week, nothing more to write about! I hope you are all enjoying your time in whatever country you are, but I know one thing: The one I am in now is the closest to my true nature. Maybe you should visit it sometime as well 😀

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