Week 5 – Music and sports

Week 5 – Music and sports

This week I made a lot of music with friends from the International group at the university. It was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to get in to more music making! This week was also one of many different sports activities and it reminded me how much I love to completely destroy myself while cycling or running. Thanks a lot, body.

So it started with us, founding out about the music room at the university. It didn’t take long to find some music enthusiasts to occupy this room as much as possible and make some music. Just some goofing around: People know songs on piano or guitar, play them, and the rest of the group just plays along. I liked this a lot and it was a nice break from (for example) boring Event Management lessons.

Then, something cool happend and it was a great experience for me personally. I heard about an “open mic” in the city center at Café Stift, a nice and cozy café that has a lot of live music going on every day of the week. I decided to just go there, take my drumming sticks with me and see what would happen. What happend was me, talking to local Norwegian musicians about all kinds of things music related, and I very much liked it. As I would explain later to my fellow students:

I am not here to be in this ‘cell’ of International students, moving around Norway with the same people, doing the same things together. That’s not what I’m here for. I like every single one of you and I value the things we do together very much. But I am also here to interact with Norwegian people. Get knowledge of how they think, act and what they do and do not like, get involved with local life here. That’s what important to me as well. So excuse me while I skip this International club-party once more and prefer to listen to this Norwegian dude with a Norwegian poem about a dead body that gets eaten by flies (Actually happend, he explained and translated the text for me and he was a very nice guy). Thanks Magnus 😀

Our jam session at Café Stift. Sorry for the poor quality, I could not fix it anymore 🙁

This also happened. When at the open mic, we had decided that Me, Jana and Ivo would play a Czech song that Jana knew on piano. We had practiced it a little bit at university, and we wanted to show it to the people. But when our time had arrived, Jane was still outside. So Estelle (The Dutch singing girl with a stunning voice) went up to the Norwegian host of the night to ask if we could jam. And so we did. The pianist was amazing and had a great voice as well, and Estelle was able to improvise while singing, something I had not really seen before. I played along on the drums and we did about 6/7 minutes of jamming. It really was amazing and I would love to do some more of it.

Lucky me: A brilliant Norwegian pianist who had been playing on his own as well came up to me at the end to ask me if I would jam with him some time at the music room. Hell yes! He was mostly Jazz inspired, so let’s see where this leads!

A lot of… sports

Most of you know that I have a day or two off here. Well, a day or two… A lot of days actually. And do I sit in my room all day? Well, yes, but not all day 😀 Lillehammer invites for a lot of sports activities and I have three favorites: Cycling, running and hiking. Not in that particular order. I try to go out and cycle, run or hike at least four times a week. When the weather is alright that is, because it has been pretty rainy and it is actually quite cold here as well. This week, snow (snow) felt down from heaven and I was literally laughing out loud. Snow early September? Yeah right.

I decided to run to Olympiaparken to check out a local cycling race that would finish there. It was a great experience and it made me hungry for cycling competitions in The Netherlands. Maybe I will get a license when I’m back after all…

The finish of the cycling race, with the winner performing a good old ‘dab’

Sports and music get the best out of me. It challenges me, it hits my talents and it makes me joyfull. Sports mostly alone: enjoying breathtaking nature, going beyond my ‘max’ (I think I have no max) heart rate for no reason at all and playing mental games with myself. Music mostly with others: Being in my natural habitat while behind a drumkit, enriching others with my knowledge about it and challenging myself to motivate others to get the best out of themselves as well. Oh look, it’s a perfect combination! I can highly recommend it!

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