Week 4 – Short blog?

Week 4 – Short blog?

This week was a quiet one. Only two days of actual lessons (like the upcoming two weeks…) and I just took it easy overall. The result: a short blog because nothing really happend… Jokes of course.

Not gonna lie: It actually was an easy week, and the next two weeks will just be like this one. I only have to spend a total of 4 hours at the university, and I don’t even get homework for both my classes! Good life? I don’t know about that. I like to work on exciting things and Event Management and Strategy are both very exciting. So I try to read a lot about these subjects in my spare time.

It has to be said that I of course don’t mind some time to do other things. There were parties (again), and on one of those I promised Jana Loudová to highight her awesome performance as my personal photographer. So here you go 😀 I also started binge-watching Netflix series again … (Yes, long time no see) and if the weather is a 5+, I will go outside to do a lot of running and cycling. I really love that it takes so little effort here to challenge myself in these two sports. I did a lot of running this week in new areas and it resulted in beautiful views 🙂

The music room

So there was a rumour about a music room at the university. Of course I could not let this rumour go cold and I instantly did some research. I found out that I had to post something in a shady facebook group, so I did, and I found a very kind musician who wanted to show me around. It was looking great: Drums, guitars, a bass, keyboard, amps, everything was there! I of course went to the city center instantly to buy me a shiny pair of sticks to play the drums with. I want to spend a lot of time in this little room that reminds me of the old Lokotov Mocktail rehearsal room.

The funny thing is: I actually miss playing the drums. This is weird, because I was pretty much done with it for the last couple of weeks before I left to Norway. But now I have a lot of time and I’m in another ‘life-setting’ I actually can’t wait to start playing again and ‘train’. The same goes for playing guitar, and making awesome HipHop songs with my brother… And you know what? The same goes for joining a cycling team, or a running club when I get home. My time here makes me value these things much more and the only thing that was needed was: A change of environment. Stop doing the same and get out of your comfort zone. That’s kinda what I did when I decided to stay here for half a year. And it’s feeling good!

Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting things to change. < That’s the definition of insanity. You can’t demand change in your life, and at the same time keep doing the things you always do. I first heard that quote in the video game Far Cry 3. I think Vaas Montenegro said it in the very beginning of the game. And I think it’s true, and it’s important to get out of your daily habits to achieve change in your life. By doing so, I discovered some important true values for me: Nature, Sports and Music. But also: Engaging with other people, start conversations, ask questions. Oh and cooking. Yes, I love cooking now. Wow! Of course these values are not new, but the way I experience them now, or miss them, adds to my understanding of these values. Except for cooking… That’s totally new…

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