Week 1 – The Great Arrival

Week 1 – The Great Arrival

A week already has gone by since I left my home country. Why not take a look on what happend? I traveled with Lokotov Mocktail, then drove about 800km in one day and now I have arrived in Lillehammer! No need to read the full blog: Just check out my first vlog here!

The Great Arrival – Lillehammer 2019 | Vlog 1

I’m not gonna lie: It feels pretty weird to sit here on my own, typing this, listening to Beck – Colors. Lucky for me (and you), this is not 20 years ago and I can just update y’all over the interwebs! So let’s take a look what this first week has brought me!

Lokotov Mocktail

Rip. That’s the word that comes to mind when I think of my beloved band Lokotov Mocktail now 🙁 I have played my last gig with the boys in Kopenhagen, but it was a true blast. It’s really nice to see that it’s possible for just about any musician to go to a hotel, play a bunch of songs that everybody likes and stay the night. I really loved the ambiance in the hotel and it was very well organized.

I can now look back on almost two beautiful years with Dani and Daan. I think it’s time for them to move on and take the next step in music, while I go on and take the next step in my own book of life. I wish them the very best and I will try the best I can to visit as many Lokotov Mocktail gigs as I can. Way to go boys!

The pick up

The band was all set and done, and I had to move on to Lillehammer. Mees and Juul were close to Kopenhagen, so I decided to take a train to the greatest Scandinavian highway of all time (E6) and hop in the car.

You remember the Micra, right? Well… It wasn’t really comfortable, but what did I expect? It was really funny to drive around with Mees and Juul and we had a very chill ride.

After almost 800km, we arrived in Lillehammer. This was quite a magical moment for me. I have been looking forward to spend more time in Norway for years, and now I am finally here! My room has a great view on the Mjøsa lake when the weather is clear, which is a great bonus. The room itself surprised me: Very clean, brand new and enough space for everything that I packed.

The first weekend

So I have arrived and can’t wait to start at the University. It was very nice to get to know my fellow Block A buddies and the floor that I live on (4th floor) was used to throw a great party for the whole block on Saturday.

On Sunday, Cas came over from Gjøvik. I hadn’t seen Cas and Luc Tito in years. We have been good friends for a long time, and they moved to Norway from the Netherlands about 10 years ago with their parents. Now they live on their own and are able to help me out here, which is awesome!

Cas drove me to the Southern part of Lillehammer so I could pick up a racebike that I found on finn.no, a Norwegian second hand buying and selling website. The bike was totally awesome, so I am now ready to do loads of cycling here before the snow starts to fall!

My full carbon Litespeed Pavia Carbonio, which I picked up for just 3.000 NOK (300,- EU)

Now, I am ready for my intro-week. There will be festivals all over the city, non-alcoholic parties for students and hikes around the area. I will do my best to record as much as I can for you and share my first week soon!

Eager to know more? Shoot me a message on Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram or, you know… Call me? Maybe?

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